Label: Sotones Records Release date: 03/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Like being thrown into the choir with those rocky types, bizarre noises and awkward instruments; Anja McCloskey is that rebel that sees you mixing with the likes of traditional music. By vamping it up with her unique style and haunted voice, it’s clear her originality comes from the heart. Being half American and half German her background is to be desired as it screams a strange yet fairly interesting way to grow up. With influences such as her grandpa, Rufus Wainwright and Joanna Newsom there’s no wonder this EP takes a dramatic turn through church inspired moods, wacky instruments and nontraditional opera singing. Perhaps a little like Bat For Lashes at points (although it’s hard to compare this talented women to anyone), this EP sees your emotions disappear through the all the various moods. It’s heartfelt, beautiful and certainly inspiring. Piano, violins, guitars, clarinet and violas see these tracks take form. There are no drums or bass which only allows Anja’s powerful voice to lead the way. ‘Decision’ is the only instrumental that appears on the EP, utterly perfect as the backdrop for a magician’s fury or a French poet gathering his goods. It allows you to imagine the impossible whilst the unique sounds enter your ears. I’m utterly blown away by her. Turn, Turn, Turn delivers a powerful performance and reveals emerging raw talent. The emotional rollercoaster makes her vulnerable yet sharp voice unforgettable. I urge you to listen. Photobucket