Label: Count Your Lucky Stars Link: Released: 03/04/09 If you crossed 65daysofstatic and Death Cab For Cutie you'd get one amazing band. Annabel have had a go at that exact formula on Each And Everyone, and it gets close to where you would hope. By close I mean Annabel combine the really early Death Cab when Ben Gibbard's voice wasn't what it is now, with a not-quite-as-powerful 65daysofstatic. Still, it makes for an impressive cacophony of noise. People And Places has the commercial aah-aahs that could turn Annabel into an underground buzz band while keeping experimental enough to get them on the right side of that bracket. And they flit between these two posts, an experimental post and a more commercial post that is, throughout their debut LP. The vocals may not be perfect but it doesn't matter. The wall of pounding noise in the background is what really shakes you to the bone. It swarms the vocals, dragging your attention away from them and onto the unpredictable atmospheric, throbbing guitars and powerful bass and drums. They aren't afraid to mix it up either, an accordion appears on 'Parade Rest', a song that seems like it will never end and it wouldn't matter if it didn't. Then things take a turn for the ethereal with very clever drums on the brilliant 'You Started Thinking Again, Didn't You?' Each song feels like the best song the album, as soon they hit bombard your ears. 'Sleeping Lions' opens the album and sets out the stall from the off. It grows through heavy, almost shoegaze atmospheric guitar on a twinkling xylophone and rumbling drums into an epic finale. Whether they would be able to show their size of sound in a live setting is another matter, but for the moment this Ohio three-piece have certainly started with a bang. Rating: 8/10