Director: Fred Cavayé Release Date: 05/06/09 Link: IMDB A superlative French thriller that draws favourable comparison to Guilliame Canet’s 2007 crossover success Tell No One, Anything for Her explores similar themes of obsession and love while progressing with a tightly scripted plot at breakneck speed. Lisa (Diane Kruger) and Julien (Vincent Lindon) lead a happily married life with their young son. This state of bliss is turned upside down when armed cops knock down their door and arrest Lisa for murder. Julien cannot bear to be without her and sets out to break her free - even if it means that he has to kill in order to do it. The film’s strength largely lies in Lindon’s performance. He solid, charismatic and believable as the average Joe schoolteacher pushed to his extremes by love and the possibility of that love being lost. There is never the sense that events are implausible; out of control and mad, yes, but always believable. The film constantly asks: what would you do in the same position? Rating: 8/10