Label: Urtovox Release date: 07/06/10 Myspace Buy: Amazon Starting with some beats and a trance-like rhythm, Savana is the newest album by experimental musicians Appaloosa, a band that's not afraid to dive into every single genre they can think of an mix them around, waiting for the results to be palatable to the audience. It doesn't work all the time, but that's how it goes with experimentation. 'Minimo' is a cracking album opener, setting up the stages (and more importantly, the attitude) for the rest of Savana. Thundering guitars, a disco beat and some synth shenanigans are the weapons of choice of Appaloosa. 'Bostongigi' and 'Genny' are constant reminders of what Appaloosa can do, and although 'Genny' can feel a tad repetitive (but still cool), 'Bostongigi' is the track that keeps changing time signatures and styles. It's almost like prog rock, but without the drum solos and obtuse lyrics. Keeping with the lounge beats and guitar concatenation is 'Mons Royal Rumble', a song that would not be out of place in a seaside café. It's a welcomed breather and the first song of the album with vocals. The bass line in this song is simply amazing. 'Giù' closes the album, with a very aggressive vocal (again, some punk is thrown into the mix). The album fades away with an ominous chord repetition, cooling down all spirits and feedbacking into oblivion. At times it could be accused of being post-rock, but it's just experimental. Rock, beats and punk swirl together in Savana. Although Savana returns to familiar territories in the following songs, Appaloosa keeps it short and sweet (and simple) in the punky 'Civilizzare', never overstaying its welcome. Photobucket