Label: Norway Rat Recs / Fysisk Format / Urquinaona Recs Release date: 15/03/10 Website: Myspace Let's get it out of the way: Arabrot's The Brother Seed is a very hard album to review. The music is pretty heavy, not unlike what The Icarus Line or even Mr. Bungle would send your way, filled with a tangible emotion and some pure adrenaline. Converserly, the voice is extremely give or take. They're one of those groups that fall into that dreaded blanket definition of “acquired taste”. It is a cliché for sure, but in this case, it's a pretty justifiable one. The other problem is that the genre itself (noise rock) can be a chore to listen to. It's not that Arabrot's music is wrong (it's not, at all!), it's just a hard to digest dish. Still, let's talk about the music. Riffage is often spectacular and the shredding is in the right scale of distortion. The voice style, as previously stated, it's difficult to get into and although there's moments where it's bearable, it does start to grate; it repeats itself too much. Growls, guttural noises (sounds like dry heaving) and some caterwauling are the tricks used. It goes hand in hand with Arabrot's style and the atmosphere they seem to exude from their image. But enough about the qualms and let's go into some of the finer points in this album. 'Scopes Monkey – The Jack' has a killer intro, with a bass creeping around, building up the drop into the abyss. Never seen them live, but 'The minute – the pendulum swings to and from' sounds like the perfect headbanging, pogo dancing closing number. At a brisk 36 minutes, this is as hard as they come and probably as fast. Not exactly listener-friendly, but still an interesting listen. Photobucket