Label: Unsigned Release date: 12/03/10 Link: Arms Website EP, the simple name for Arms' new (and free), err, EP, is a simple, beautiful affair between lo-fi (that monotone voice reminds me a bit of a light-voiced Mark Lanegan) and shoegaze (Bethany Curve-style ambience). The reverberated voice and layered guitars could arguably define this as shoegaze, but it's more used a means to an end than as the signature sound of Arms. 'High Heels' even sounds slightly like a throwback to old school britpop (but the good type) with some atmospheric cacophony added to the mix just to spice it up a bit. Again, shoegaze is not a genre that completely identifies this album. 'Heat & Hot water' is a brisk, fizzy sweet song that explodes into full rock mode with great drum work and some handclap samples. Can't go wrong with smiling with this tune. An even livelier tune is in the form of 'Emily Sue, Pt. 2'. Can't get any pacier than this, nor classier. There's something a little 80s postpunk hidden here, but can't pinpoint it. Let's just say that the song is pretty good. As a little aside, the album cover is amazingly beautiful, a good argument as why album art STILL matters and even if this is a free EP, hopefully this artwork is reused if there's a full album in the near future? This five song EP from Arms is simply wonderful. Here's hoping for more music from this Brooklyn outfit. You can download the album from the following location Photobucket