It doesn’t feel that long ago since the band played this very same venue as part of The Great Escape festival just six months before, so it was inevitable that the show tonight would feel very familiar and perhaps even bring a sense of deja vu. Wasting no time Art Brut promptly take the stage and launch into their own classic 'Formed a Band', as ever intertwined with a little of Guns n Roses 'Paradise City', as frontman Eddie Argos makes his own dedication to the singer.

'My Little Brother' is introduced as “This one is about my little brother - he's 29 and a half now, he's a teacher!” but as Eddie reminisces about the period of time when the song was written, and how his brother has changed in the 7 years there is a bit of ironic self-awareness during the bridge of the song; "It's not my brother my parents are worried about anymore, he has a proper job." to then looking at his own success perhaps a little too honestly " one really popular album then really plateau for the next 7 years.."

Art Brut's set spans across all four of their albums, with songs including 'Lost Weekend', 'Alcoholics Unanimous' and old favourite 'Modern Art' is extended to the longest version I've seen yet, bordering on 15 minutes ("One day we're gonna play this song for an entire set") as Eddie stands in the middle crowd telling a story about his experiences with wanting to get all up close and personal with art, and being escorted away by security. Those experienced with Art Brut gigs stand by with a smug smile as we all know the inevitable 'sit down' part, and although I've seen many bands and artists try it, Eddie is still the only person I've seen managed to get every last member of the audience crouching down on the floor.

As Eddie climbs back on stage he asks the crowd for any requests, and 'Rusted Guns of Milan' is the winner, probably one of the best songs you're going to hear about erectile dysfunction mixed in with a little bit of 'You Sexy Thing'. 'Emily Kane' and 'Good Weekend' follow suit again with the usual "Art Brut Top of the Pops" chant.

There's no denying there's an element of predictability to Art Brut sets once you start to hear the same stories and banter multiple times, but it's all part of their wonderful charm as Eddies onstage humorous ramblings that set the band apart any other.

I do look forward to seeing how long they can make ‘Modern Art’ last for next time, record attempt anyone?