Label: Atomic Heart Records Release date: 18/01/10 Website: Following their A-Z jaunt round the country late last year, ‘Space Shot’ is the eighth of Ash’s 26 singles to be released after the tour. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm and momentum since reconvening to a three-piece, it starts off with a surprising burst of 80s-style synths and keyboards. In fact, it’s not until Tim Wheeler’s famous vocals come in that you realise it is Ash, such as the departure from their trademark indie-punk sound. Tim now lives in New York and it seems the buzzing atmosphere of the city has influenced his songwriting with feel-good lyrics such as: “I love the city, I live for this town” and “I wanna feel alive”. The chorus is memorable enough, but just brings to mind their old single ‘Envy’, with nods to Passion Pit as well. It has to be applauded that Ash are trying something different, but whether it works, I’m not quite sure. The keyboards get tiresome whereas the thumping bass and catchy melodies are danceable. Ash have always been better at writing singles than albums and with a further 18 more to come after ‘Space Shot’ this year, you can let them off for one that doesn’t quite hit the target. Rating 6/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!