Website: This five song EP Maud from Aspen Sails finds the Lincolnshire duo on good form. Fusing music styles from the likes of Fleet Foxes, and a number of other Nu-Folk groups with old school folk duos such as Simon and Garfunkel, they have produced a work of autumnal warmth. Although there is nothing here to raise the heart-rate, the five songs are studies in quiet and quality songwriting. The vocals of Charlie Johns and Bertie Telezynski wrap around each other like a bizarre scarf, whilst lightly strummed acoustic guitars and light percussion give the tracks a compelling forward momentum. ‘So Pretty’ and ‘Forest’ are songs of beguiling acoustic beauty, whilst ‘Mourning Cloak’ is a far deeper proposition. The duo have already received accolades for their live performances, and their first EP shows that they are a musical force of much promise. Rating: 7/10