Label: Digital Hardcore Release date: 17/05/2010 Link: Official Site In.Your.Face. We thought they were done for ever. We were mistaken. After ten years of silence, the German activist/anarchist combo Atari Teenage Riot, led by Alec Empire strikes again with ‘Activate’, before going on tour this spring. The track, only available via Soundcloud, sees Nic Endo (who is now replacing Hanin Elias) screaming her lungs out and Empire stressing “Governement control, too much governement control” on their own mix of techno and hardcore-punk, also introducing their new MC, CX Kidtronik. This song has a gentle whiff of wild marchs on the streets, doped by at least 130 dB. Think riots, excesses and protests. Think anti-governemental and anti-fascist actions. Think mayhem. This, is (digital) hardcore. Photobucket