August Single Round up! Casiokids Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 03.08.09 Website: Casiokids Myspace Finn Bikkjen/Gomurmamma, whatever it means, is the double-A side from scando-fusion favourites Casiokids. Released through the really quite hip Moshi Moshi Singles Club (did you know ‘Moshi moshi’ is what Japanese people say when they answer the phone?) it’s sure to provide you with your monthly fix of squelchy synths, up-beat rhythms and dreamy, ever-so-slightly ethereal vocals. Casiokids excel in seamlessly blending dance-floor pop with more cerebral instrumentation and seriously quality melodies. Of the two songs on offer here, Finn Bikkjen is quite clearly the better; the entirely instrumental Gomurmamma strangely suggestive of a B-side. Regardless, if you simply can’t wait for the album, you could do a lot worse than this uplifting, pensive, tease of a single. Read about Casiokids’ performance at the Loop Festival Rating: 6.5/10">MUZU. ____________________________________________________________________ Laruso Label: Unsigned Release date: 03.08.09 Website: Laruso Myspace Laruso start their frankly awfully named single Plain Paper Napkins with one musical foot planted firmly in the post-nu-metal ditch of the early 00s, and despite punchy vox, a decent chorus and the odd interesting hint of dissonance, seem quite keen to remain there. You know the sound; heavy drops at all the right moments, pounding drums, semi-tonal chord shifts followed by a staccato bridge leading to a melodic, life-affirming sing-along. The production is great, the song as a whole is certainly more than functional, but a spark of inspiration is unmistakably missing. If you’re a fan of straight up, no-frills melodic rock, then you’ll find Laruso to be keen purveyors or catchy melodies and channel Scuzz style head banging. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, Laruso appear to be aping a style that has all but died out, a style refined and perfected years ago by the Taproots and Papa Roaches, and as such fall flat on their stereotypically coiffured black fringes. Rating: 5/10 ____________________________________________________________________ Red Light Company Label: Lavolta Records Release date: 03.08.09 Website: Red Light Company Myspace “Crying out loud: ‘The weekend is over!’ GET UP GET UP!” holler Red Light Company eagerly. A massive, glam-azing chorus, underlying xylophone and unabashedly joyous pop sensibilities certainly complement each other in Meccano the new single from their debut top 20 album Fine Fascination. The single/s artwork features a pretty boy and a topless girl kissing; it’s classic ideal glamorous teenager free-love romance. Optimism, a sense of melodrama; an image complemented perfectly, in fact even justified, by the actual song. Admittedly lacking in anything really inspired, Meccano relies on smartly crafted dynamics and an earnest energy. ‘Listen to your heart’ beseech R.L.C. in the latter moments of the song; and in so doing you can’t help but smile entirely non-ironically. This is glam-pop in the classic mode, and it’s all the better for it. Rating: 7/10 ____________________________________________________________________ Citadels Label: Friends Vs. Records Release date: 03.08.09 Website: Citadels Myspace Citadels can, in a sense, be accurately summed up by the equation: (MGMT + Passion Pit)x(Empire of the Sun / Clor) = latest single Golden Islands. On first listen this London 5-piece fantasy-pop band might sound highly derivative, but on closer aural inspection the single is greater than the sum of its parts. Perhaps the flute? The unconventional but relatively grounded lyrics? The simple fact that, despite the recent glut of 80s synth-pop that Citadels bear plenty in common with, you can’t keep a great song down. Broadly appealing, different enough to claim its own personality, Golden Islands is hopefully indicative of a band about to really hit their stride. Keep a close eye on these ones, Rating: 8/10 The below video isn’t exactly an mp3/video but it is related to the band and definitely worth a watch!