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Habitat EP can be defined as a little labour of love. The four-track release was developed after its title-track could not find space in either of the Austra's two albums. It was conceptually too distant, but at the same time gained cult status amongst the gig-going fans who demanded a studio version of the track.

In the midst of recording Habitat, the band experimented further into their electronic phase, finalising three instrumentals that feature on the EP. 'Habitat' is dark Euro-Dance of the 21st Century, all cascading synths, keyboard tinkering, multi-layered vocals and processed, minimal beats. It mixes the multi-chromatic layers of Dream Trance with the almost ritualistic-connotation of House, à la KLF, and within the track, Katie Stelmanis is the high priestess. Chanting solemnly the lyrics "I want you. I need you, brother," Stelmanis comes out with an unavoidably catchy chorus tinted with ceremonial nuances, that set the electronic pace of the whole EP.

What follows are the previously mentioned instrumentals - three, distant sounding computer music experiments that dwell into different affectations of Electronica. 'Doepfer', named after the German audio hardware manufacturer, is a gradual stream of relentless programmed instrumentation, and the most archaic-sounding of the tracks. 'Bass Drum Dance' features an eery keyboard refrain and is a faster paced and not as cluttered composition, with Stelmanis' lending her vocalisations to make the piece even more spine-chilling. Finally, 'Hulluu' rounds up the EP, and it feels like something straight out of Gang Gang Dance's repertoire. The steel-pan-sounding electronic instrumentation along with the repeated lyrics "I took your microphone, it's in the river" make it a delirious-sounding track, and the perfectly deranged finale to this electronic gem. 

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