Label: Sub Pop Release Date: 26/04/10 Link: Official Site This is a promising debut from the Long Beach troop, who impressed us with their single last year, 'What's In It For?' This song returns on on Avi Buffalo's self titled album along with nine other tracks of hippie crying, West Coast rocking surf serenades. Carried by sweet, dreamy voices that aggressively whimper and yowl with beauty, supported by wavy guitars, it's a classic mark of Californian brilliance. Avi Buffalo's first ten track release has a structure of songs that alternately share links in twinkling acoustic charm and rolling, ghostly clean electric surges. They each carry a unique contribution that makes them a fundamental piece to the whole work. 'Truth Sets In' has a soft simple sequence that's appealing on the first listen and gets the ears comfortable for the rest of the album. Then 'Where's Your Dirty Mind At?', as the finisher, seems to phase it all out, beautifully ending the experience. Elsewhere there are real attention grabbing numbers like 'Coaxed', a positively messy number, far less systematic than the other songs, and 'One Last', where Rebecca Coleman's stunning voice stands out amongst all else. The songs are all divided by what seem like three pillars in the track listing, so effective that it feels like the album has taken a brand new turn after each one has played. 'What's In It For?' on the first few plays is too addictive for words. The lyrics of anguish, 'What's in it for someone with nothing to do. What's in it for me?', repeat over and over towards the end with nonstop yelping and bellowing, pushing it to a fade. 'Jessica', a heart quaking ballad, marks the middle of the record and the unforgettable melody warrants instantly returning for another listen when all the tracks have finished. Just before the final song is the seven minute 'Remember Last Time', which extends the pleasure of this album before its inevitable close. A band from California playing surf sounds and singing from their hearts is nothing new and should really carry the feeling of having been done to death by now. Avi Buffalo however, flushes out all these expectations and grievances. Their debut is simply too enjoyable to merit those thoughts that lead to the impression that they have made something unoriginal or wishy washy. They have the ability to adopt those California characteristics and put them to fantastic use. Photobucket