Label: Zero Summer Records Release date: Out Now On my way to work each morning I pass a poster for Away We Go. Perhaps it's the gloom of an early start or maybe I'm just dead inside but the scribble adorned image, complete with sunshine and rainbows, seems to scream 'Generic kooky Indie film'. Well, as I would never judge a book by its cover I should probably extend the same courtesy to a film and its advertisements. However, if I may take a soundtrack as a more reliable barometer, this is one movie that I certainly won't be going to see. Apart from four tracks, all the songs are provided for the film by British singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch; most of them coming from his album, Time Without Consequence. Being neither traditional enough to simply be called folk, nor experimental enough to be labelled alt-folk, Murdoch's contributions hang around the Indie-folk sub-genre. So expect slow, sure-to-be-called-lovely acoustic songs that radio stations and commercials will no doubt acquire with glee. The best comparison I can offer is Damien Rice but without the whiff of whiskey and bitterness that made O such an enjoyable record. In other words, these tracks are limp and dull. The other four songs are numbers by George Harrison, The Stranglers, The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan and these are What Is Life, Golden Brown, Oh! Sweet Nuthin and Meet Me In The Morning respectively. Harrison's offering, it hurts to admit, is pretty rubbish and Golden Brown has only ever been something of a novelty for me. Of the latter two, the first is a cool, laid-back tune and the other, the best on the entire record, is a fantastic blues-folk mix. Still, Dylan himself cannot save this soundtrack. Rating: 4/10