Label: Arlen Release date: 14/02/11 Link: Myspace Tom Hall, the now only member of Axxonn is more commonly associated with the field recording experimental side of music than the synth rich electronic side. But, ditching his affinity with Holtkamp, Broderick et al. he delivers us Let’s Get It Straight, the sophomore album of Axxonn. There’s not really a genre you can pin to Axxonn, or a style or anything that defines it really. Each track is produced in its own way, from the simplistic, slightly Fuck Buttons doing Komiche sounding ‘From Blacks Void’ to the more saccharine Daniel Lopatin moments such as 'The Second Death', which all makes an album that sounds more like a mixtape. The only thing I can find that Hall has a particular affinity for is the use of a drone, which appears in almost every track. Normally bass heavy, this is as close to a defining feature or calling card that this album comes to. While the tracks are all well made (the inclusion of a drone isn’t lazy or bad, it works very well in each track) they lack a certain punch, something that could deliver them to becoming more than two dimensional. The album is left sounding like someone who’s listened to the Mego back catalogue and thought “well, shit. That doesn’t sound too hard...” and in a way Hall has achieved something in starting to emulate the likes of OPN. The trouble is that the likes of Ford and Lopatin can excite and interest the listener with their production and sounds, even when they take a minimalist approach, Hall falls short and can’t find the similar soundscapes that the other two can. I think what’s lacking here is direction and passion – yes, there’s a lot of talent in composition and some of the loops sound like Basinski with a roland, but without a vision of what the album should sound like, and what he wants to make, Hall cannot evoke the same sense of wonder and beauty that his genre rivals can. Photobucket