The combination of the two producers Dinamo Azari and Alixander III with front men Starving Yet Full and Fritz Helder have already made ripples everywhere in every club and on every dance floor across continents without dropping an album, so the pressure to release something as good and as well received as their previous output was huge, and by god how they’ve achieved.

It takes something special to make an album so crystalline, varied and self involved as Azari & III have here. It at once sounds contained in its influences (early house, minimalist composition, primitive techno) yet completely abstract and self contained. Every track is different but undeniably Azari & III creating a new species within the genus of disco.

One of the chief beauties of this album is its broad appeal – it’s composition is feathered and complex without being showy, while all the time keeping up a fantastic smorgasbord of sound that lends itself to headphone listening. As a result it can be listened to and appreciated for its straight up compositional complexity and its ethereal charm, while at the same time being immensely danceable to and easy to listen to, which is very unique.

My personal highlight of the album is the Techno Primitiv era Chris & Cosey influenced ‘Manhooker’ that recalls the seediest dancefloors and recalls the Throbbing Gristle alumni at their darkest. Alongside the relentless ‘Undecided’, the hypnotic ‘Hungry For The Power’ and new single ‘Manic’, the album ends as strong, if not stronger than the start, which is an odd, but effective, way of arranging an album.

Through the whole album which spans just over an hour we’re treated with memorable hit after hit with an unrelenting pace, and with the shortest track standing at over 4 and a half minutes it’s a real achievement. Each song is a sexually charge nugget of complex but unbelievably enjoyable future disco. An incredible achievement.