Things kicked off with Leeds band Scams, who put on a great set, even though lead singer Andy Morgan later mentioned to me that it was a totally last minute opportunity to open for the show. They had tons of energy and bounced their way through a few well-crafted guitar pop songs. But the crowd was there for one reason, and one reason only: the magnificent return of Azure Ray The Borderline gig kicked off the band's first tour in seven years. Judging by the quality of the show, no one would know they hadn't been playing together all this time. From the moment the cellist sat down and the band tuned up a whole variety of instruments, the mood in the club became electric; we knew we were in for a treat.

The set was heavily slanted toward latest album Drawing Down the Moon, but drew from the entirety of their catalogue. It's a testament to the musicianship of the whole band that Maria Taylor's guitar wasn't plugged in through the first song, but no one even noticed until she asked for the levels to be adjusted. Maybe they were worried about losing the audience with that, because they moved straight into the first highlight of the night: 'Displaced'. One of the songs that put them on the map a decade ago, it's impossible not to hear it now and be transported straight back to a more innocent, yet somehow darker time. To a time when things were less certain, but that lack of certainty wasn't entirely frightening.

Soft mandolins textured the first few songs, to the greatest effect in 'Safe and Sound'. It was a surprise that that song came so early in the set, but it certainly wasn't unwelcome. It was incredible how still the audience were throughout, too transfixed by the beauty of the music to even sing along in some cases.

The biggest surprise of the night, hands down, was 'Rise'. Its coming was inevitable, and we all knew it would be the closing number. But no one could have expected a thoroughly upbeat version punctuated by audience handclaps until the surprise entrance of the drummer. It was transfixing, and completely uplifting.

Throughout the gig the band was confident and powerful; their sound permeated every space in a club marked by its nooks and crannies. The Borderline is a great venue, the sound is perfect and the setup is democratic. I've only ever been here for clubbing, but the fact that the venue did justice to the beautiful layers in Azure Ray's sound will have me coming back again and again.

If you get the chance, do yourself a favour and catch Azure Ray soon.