Label: Big Stereo Release date: 29/03/10 Link: Myspace Twenty something years ago some sort of electro pop pill must have been dropped into the water supply somewhere up river of Portland, Oregon, as currently there seem to be more quirky pop troubadours coming out of this city than expletives coming out of the mouth of Gordon Ramsey. This lot are called Baby Monster, they are releasing their limited 7” and digital single ‘She Comes Alive’ on March 29th on Big Stereo Records and to be honest, they sound a little familiar. On first listen of She Comes Alive, I instantly liked it and was rather pleased that Oregon had produced yet another promising electro pop outfit. However, the more I listened to it, the more I came to realise that the reason I liked it so much was because it is pretty much a carbon copy of the opening few phrases from 'Pieces Of What' by MGMT. The vocal tone is similar, the hook is bordering on identical and the general style of the song is a little too close to the psych pop New Yorkers for comfort. I hope Baby Monster have a good lawyer on their side. That said, however, if you have never heard 'Pieces Of What' by MGMT and have no idea what I am talking about, then 'She Comes Alive' is a lovely slice of trip poppery with bells and chimes, heartening group vocals and an uplifting anthemic nature. It’s a rather lovely blissed out love song, in fact, which could perhaps touch even the most cynical of hearts. But that is why it’s such a shame that it is so similar to it’s MGMT predecessor. The b-side 'Sudden Symphony' is a sprawling synth heavy stoll through the more laid back and perhaps slightly ominous side of their musical prowess which I would be happy to listen to in a field in Somerset with a thousand other people but perhaps wouldn’t put it on repeat on my iPod. I may be coming off as sounding a little harsh, since 'She Comes Alive' is a perfectly good single, maybe even a really good single, but they just aren’t original and inventive enough to really get the musical juices flowing. Photobucket