Label: Medical Release date: 28/09/09 Website: Buy: Amazon Baddies energetic mix of angry punk indie rock has lead to quite possibly one of the most infectious and exciting albums of the year, so why hasn’t it created the hype it so badly deserves? What first strikes you about this release is the sheer unrelenting nature of it all. Every song firmly grabs your attention, batters and bruises it then leaves it to tend to its wounds before picking it up and repeating the whole process by launching into another furious thudding romp. There’s never a moment to catch your breath and whether it’s through the tribal chanting of ‘We beat our chests’ or the scarily joyful whoop whoop’s of ‘Battleships’ you will find yourself defenceless against the slightly dark attack Baddies have planned for you. If you’ve managed to catch Baddies live you’ll be happy to know that absolutely none of their sheer energy and madness (most poignantly conveyed through the piercing, blank parrot eyes of Michael Webster) has been lost on record. Everything has been captured perfectly from the elegant 3 piece harmonies down to the tourettes style vocals of Webster which are thrown full pelt at any microphone within shouting distance. Nothing has been dulled down and what we are left with is Baddies at their best, angry and unstoppable. Previous singles ‘Battleships’ and ‘Open One Eye’ are without a doubt the standout tracks on the record with latest single ‘Holler for my holiday’ coming in close behind. However, there is a tendency for things to get a bit samey at times with weaker tracks tending to blend in to one making the whole thing occasionally feel like one big angry over-excited mess. Luckily for Baddies though this turns out to be a good thing as the mess is so frantic it feels far too good to be a mistake. With such a good album now out it feels like there shouldn’t be anything stopping Baddies from receiving the recognition they deserve. Whether things will change once ‘Do the Job’ has been released is something only time can tell but after all the identical dressing and energetic performances the one thing that’s clear is that Baddies deserve it. Rating: 9/10