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For fans of '80s movies, Ballet School's new album is the music you probably hear in the background of your nostalgic daydreams. Consisting of Rosie Blair, Louis McGuire and Michel Collet, the Berlin based alt-pop trio presents us with their official debut, The Dew Lasts An Hour. In a previous interview with Clash magazine, the band stated that the title comes from the "fragility of youth". From the opening track 'Slow Dream', it's crystal clear that Ballet School floats in a nostalgic state between aimlessly dreaming and avoiding reality in the present.

While the album is soaking in synth-pop, it approaches with a soft and tender touch. As demonstrated on 'Pale Saint', there is no sense of aggressiveness as the graceful harmonies mingle with the rock pop instrumentation. You can dance on the counter tops if you want to, but if you'd rather sulk in the corner then by all means, be our guest. 'Ghost' is darker as Blair sings in a morbid tone - could she be Cyndi Lauper reborn in the shadows?

Overall, The Dew Last An Hour is a solid debut. My main problem with the album is that what I'm hearing is nothing new; it's all been done before. Maybe I've been exposed to too many variations of pop music in my lifetime, but too much of the same thing can make you sick. "Love is the only reason left to live/ Love is the only lesson left to give" isn't the most original line I've heard during my time on this planet, but I've never actually been in love so maybe that's really why I couldn't get down with the songs of that nature.

With that being said, I think this is why I preferred listening to the slower jams like 'Grey' and 'Helicona'. They were still catchy, but less artificial. 'Jade' and 'Crush (Alternative)' had me swaying and twirling by my lonesome, ringing delicately with a '90s alternative crooning reminiscent of the R&B/indie acts that would perform late at night at The Bronze in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Moving at a more gradual pace, they are full of these gorgeous wails and pretty synthesizers that aren't too heavy on the ears. 'Heartbeat Overdrive' gets it right with the ideal balance of electronic production, vocals and instrumentation.

I'm always game for a throwback, but after a while I felt like I'd been stuck somewhere strange between Shermer High School and Sunnydale High for too long, and that's something I never thought I'd say. When you pick and choose, there are a good number of tracks worth listening to, but I personally wouldn't recommend listening all the way through.

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