Label: Force Majeure Release date: 31/05/10 Link: Myspace Unlike their twangy name suggests, Bandjo have a much more mellow vibe in mind. Melt the sound of Amplifier at their safest with 70s psych-rock together in a big scrumptious pot filled with hippy-ish camper van-style summers and you've come pretty close to their sunny sound. Bandjo gets off to an optimistically good start. Blissed out guitar wobbles and rumbling toms (not rumbling tums) bring about comparisons of a more tripped-out Oasis. In a good way. As the album progresses it becomes more hazy and so summery even the hottest of days leave you wistfully dreaming about the year when all the water dried out. Think Kula Shaker if Crispian Mills was in Led Zep and smoked less sandalwood. This leads into gorgeously chilled out swaying guitar and strange chanting vocals – very similar to Black Devil Disco Club, but with less of an instant need to boogy. Unless they are interested in megabucks, it's advisable they don't sell their rights to TV – it's already fairly clear to hear Bandjo adding ambience to chrome taps and picture windows overlooking the Cotswolds in Escape to the Country. Despite this, the occasional touch of Foals in vocals and spiky guitar keep the serenity moving at an agreeable, non-comatose pace. A non-intrusive soundtrack to festival hangovers and days in the park. Photobucket