Label: Memphis Industries Release date: 06/12/10 Link: Myspace Banjo Or Freakout’s self-titled debut album is due out at the start of next year and ‘105’ is the first sneaky peak of what’s in store. Working with Animal Collective’s producer Nicolas Vernhes in New York’s Rare Book Room Studios, Vernhes gives Natalizia’s usually cluttered and frantic recordings a kiss of life as the tracks lulls along at a gentle unhurried pace as samples and harmonies collide without clashes on seen on his first three releases. ‘105’ still has the bleary eyed dream-like meanderings of ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Left It Alone’, but the chaotic pick n mix samples and loops first heard on, ‘Mr No’, now seamlessly flow in and out of each other. A somewhat ironic b-side at this point in time, ‘Dead In The Snow‘, conjures the same strange calm as abandoned railway carriages in the blanketed white Kent countryside. From the delicately tapped intro, Natalizia gradually builds up a tide of intricate beats as his vocals swim effortlessly above before petering out as the each beat is dismantled. ‘105’ sees Natalizia’s step away from the loop schizophrenia of his initial bedroom recordings to go on to form a more complete id without loosing any of the charm of his original identity along the way. Photobucket