Label: Thrill Jockey Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras make up the enigmatic Barn Owl, a hypnotic Californian drone-outfit whose ethos lends itself more to art spaces and warehouses than traditional gig venues. Barn Owl's minimal noise-scapes follow in the path of many shoegazey, instrumental bands. There are strikingly similar elements to that of Mono or Explosions in the Sky, but unlike either of these groups, the music does not drive towards a specific swell, rise, crash or beat. Instead their album, Ancestral Star, provides repetitive, resonant, constant sound, sound which threatens to slowly vibrate your eyeballs out of your skull. The key is that it happens gently, over an achingly long, monotoned moment. The wailing, reverberating guitar, with almost nothing in the way of tinkering, loops or pedals, provides an ancient, epic feel echoed in titles such as 'Visions in Dust' and 'Cavern Hymn'. Their music gives you visions of sprawling, barren desert, tinged violent red by sunset, or shifting slowly beneath huge starlit skies. The sound is sometimes oppressive, occasionally slightly disturbing, but absolutely, eerily soft. If you love your noise, you'll love these guys. If you are interested in many separate and discernible instruments, you probably will not. Photobucket