Lost in the Glare is Barn Owls second album to be released on Thrill Jockey, it follows hot on the heels of Evan Caminiti’s and Jon Porra’s critically acclaimed EP - Shadowland. This record is a laid back dreamy affair where reverby, delayed and droney guitars perform soundscapes that conjure up images of bleak and barren places. These images are summed up perfectly by well thought out song titles like 'Pale Star', 'Midnight Tide', 'The Darkest Night Since 168' and 'Temple of the Winds'.

Their minimalistic approach to making music with often just two guitars intertwining is a cry back to composers like John Fahey and Philip Glass. You might be forgiven for thinking that these songs could be the soundtrack to a wordless avant-garde film as they possess all the power to provoke thought in a way that only images and sound can often do. If a picture is worth a thousand words then these sounds are worth two thousand.

The movements and patterns of the guitars on this record are what really makes it stand out from a million other records. This isn’t simply ‘post rock’, it’s something else much harder to describe. It’s crammed full of melancholy, jumping from major and minor note progressions to deep and dark drones. God knows where this comes from but it’s one hell of a good place.

As this is an instrumental record it almost certainly won’t be to the taste of the masses, it requires a certain amount of patience and an ability to relax to be able to enjoy fully. I know that personally this won’t be leaving my stereo for some time and for that reason I can highly recommend it. Lost in the Glare is out on Thrill Jockey and will hit the stores on September 13th.