This album is hit and miss, having, as you might have guessed, a limited audience. The Venn diagram would involve Basement Jaxx obsessives and fans of orchestral interpretation, and I would guess that the overall crossover area would be fairly small. The collaboration and creation of the music is quite a fascinating progress, with the composers creating a few of their own pieces to add to the mix, and the entire show running from a measured, gentle opening towards a head-banging crescendo. A full orchestra and a choir of up to 70 are added to a mixture of regular Jaxx performers such as Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector, bringing together several generations of different music fans. It is also best served by a large sound system and large amounts of bass.

Nevertheless, the history of crossovers between a current music genre and an orchestral reinterpretation puts some slim and dodgy pickings on the table. At times this album sounds a little bit like the soundtrack to Star Wars (the later episodes). That said, some moments are excellent. ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Do Your Thing’ are fantastic, rich walls of sound complemented well by the grandiose sounds of harpsichord or cello. But possibly only because they are so recognisable. It'd be wrong to dismiss the rest of the music but I'm unsure of the point of creating a show to the point of being unrecognisable, making it unappealing to those who know Basement Jaxx and alienating to those who don’t. It was designed as a live performance however, so there must be a lot lost in the translation, such as the thrill only gained from seeing a full orchestra live. Perhaps it’s only making the recording that was the misguided action: much of the art is lost.