Label: Blank Tapes Release date: 15/02/10 Website: MySpace l Amazon Try: 'Kiss Me' Imagine a world where orchestral music evolved from electronic grooves. Now imagine that the leaders of this movement: James Murphy’s penchant for organically recorded funktastic groove, Daft Punk’s arpeggios, Squarepusher style drums mapped out between individual snares and giant bass drums, and Bass Clef masterminding horn charts in between Mahler and Elfman. His second LP, May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way, combines afrobeat percussion, trombones, Theremins, and smatterings of glitch into a delicate mélange from a world where orchestral music began in the late 1980s. Now, the ideas of horns and such over electronic backings appeals to me on a personal level – I program electronic music, I play trombone and other instruments (including Theremin as well), I like putting the two together. Rather than just sample himself, each horn part on Bridges shows true composition. Harmony, counterpoint, clever use of octaves, and skillful playing blend to create clouds and waves of brass that both solidify the programmed bass and add a new lead to the song. The drums themselves are pretty well executed, mostly sounding like either Casio CZ drums, 505s, and/or a little EasyDrummer (all solid machines). Similar in execution, the bass synthesizers blur the line between dubstep and IDM, sometimes swelling and only giving those thick subtones that characterize dubstep, sometimes quickly shooting acid house style runs, always adding a nice layer that the kick drums just can’t cover. Highlights like ‘Night on Mare Street’ and the twelve minute paean/slow burning epic ‘Broken Love’ showcase such vastly different songwriting skills that its hard to say negative things. And while Bass Clef may not be joining the high echelons of electronica masterminds, his music deserves at least more than a little praise for being unique and thoroughly well thought out and entertaining. Photobucket You won't be heard if you don't speak up - Join the Fourum! Sound off in our Fourum!