Label: Tangled Talk Records Release Date: Out Now Link: MySpace SAY it quietly... actually, no, bollocks to that; in the true spirit of the genre, take to the streets and scream it until your spleen erupts and the bile rising from your gut strips the oral mucosa from your mouth, and the proclamation left in the dirt, scrawled in congealed blood and cracked teeth, reads: “UK HARDCORE IS NOT D.O. FUCKING A!”. Ok, so it’s a bit on the lengthy side, but you get the picture. Yes, that’s right, after many false starts, the UK hardcore scene is arguably in the best shape of its life right now – from all corners of the country the likes of Lavotchkin (Newcastle), The Plight (Leeds), The Smoking Hearts (Kettering), The Ghost Of A Thousand (Brighton) and the admittedly over rated, yet undeniably uncompromising Gallows (Watford) are slowly adding to the swell of an ever increasing wave, sure to soon break and swallow up the musically ignorant. But, before it does, welcome an entrant from the unlikeliest of locations (the sleepy Welsh island of Anglesey) in the shape of Bastions. Island Living marks the quartets third release and despite its blink-and-you’ll-rectally-prolapse running time of under 10 minutes, the three tracks contained within are enough to mark the group out as a genuinely exciting prospect. Title track, ‘Island Living’ comes on like Discharge being face-fucked by Coalesce’s Sean Ingram, whilst the equally perfunctory ‘Soar’ continues the formula whilst intriguingly managing to pull in the d-beat drum work of the likes of Minor Threat (although it should be said that is where the similarities end with the straight edge pioneers). Closing the EP though is the decidedly different, and longer, ‘The Great Unwashed’. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, the slow, brooding and monotonous low end dirge is by far the most emotionally stirring of the three tracks, and despite its considerable dept to the post metal brigade, Bastions find themselves succumbing to that one flaw inherent in most hardcore bands of today; sounding like Converge. Nonetheless, Bastions are an assured, brutal and articulate prospect; be prepared to have you face split by them as soon as you possibly can, you’ll fucking love it! Rating: Photobucket