Release Date: 06/04/09 Label: EMI Website: When 2009 began I had a look through the release schedule for the year ahead and as far I'm concerned the latest album by Bat For Lashes,Two Suns, was the album that had me the most excited. I first got into Bat For Lashes (Natasha Khan), when I read a review about her in some magazine in WHSmiths. They described her as the British love child of Kate Bush and Regina Spektor. I immediately put the magazine down and rushed to the nearest record store to purchase the album. Initially I was impressed, although not entirely convinced. After a few more listens Fur and Gold became the album that I carried around with me at all times. Her debut was so strong that people questioned her ability to replicate the same spledour and beauty with Two Suns. My god they were wrong. I could go into detail about specific tracks but for me the true beauty of this album doesn't just sit with the standout songs like 'Daniel' but more the way Khan manges to pull you into her world with such ferocity. It's almost uneasey to listen to; it feels like you're invading her dreams and at any second she's going to pause and notice you in the corner of her eye. Thankfully she didn't notice me and I got to listen to ten of the most stunning songs I've heard in a long time. The major difference between Two Suns and Fur And Gold is the level of concentration required to appreciate what's going on. Fur And Gold might have been complex at the time but in comparison to Two Suns it's nothing. The layers that contribute to the overall complexity of Two Suns definitely require your full attention, espcecially in the end stages, but it's well worth it. Even with that said, it's not a complete departure from her previous effort. Songs like 'Moon and Moon' and 'Travelling Woman' certainly continue the Fur and Gold theme, both musically and lyrically. A lot of people will mention Animal Collective when the year ends and lists are made but in my opinion this is the best album of 2009. far anyway. Standout tracks for me are: 'Glass', 'Daniel' and 'Moon & Moon'. Rating: 9/10