Label: Tangled Talk Records Release date: Out Now! Website: MySpace Battle For Paris make no secrets about the trend they are hopping on. The With A Gun Between Your Teeth... EP takes huge chunks out of BlakFish’s playbook: distorted, mathy noodling, crunchy hardcore riffs, vocals that walk the line between a shout and a scream, and a driving, jittery rhythm section. They do it well, too: the three track, ten minute debut from the Dorset-based five piece is solid enough to stand up alongside the work of bands like BlakFish and Shapes, although it would have been much more impressive if it had come out a couple of years ago. Battle For Paris manage to differentiate themselves a little from the pack, though, by spending a little less time on melodic parts and a little more time sounding like Million Dead, particularly in the vocals. It’s definitely a great start for the band, and bodes well for UK music if more and more bands are starting to adopt this sound. Let’s just hope that a few of them manage to push it a little further before we all get fed up with it. Though Fight Club references are probably a little tired by now, surely? Rating: 6/10