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Opening with one large splash of shimmering guitars, Beach Beach's influences become immediately clear. Within 5 seconds of 'Friendly', you could be mistaken for thinking that Beach Beach are simply a Smiths tribute act, as their panning guitars swamp across the instrumental track and the '80s band influence bleeds right through. However, as true track perfectly leads into 'Just Like Before', Beach Beach's own identity comes out to play. Catchy hooks and hand-claps abound, it's infectious summer guitar pop at its best.

The aptly named Majorcan band stay true to their title, as their signature sound seems as though it was hand-crafted for days running around on a sandy beach. It already feels like part of the soundtrack to some American film about surfers in California. You can practically picture the VW camper vans and volley ball nets during Spring Break. It also retains an admirable vintage feel about it in the way that lead singer Pau Retort's soft, understated vocals don't overpower the jangling guitars, but give the whole feel of the album an easygoing and relaxed vibe.

With 'White Clothes' comes another side to the summery guitar outfit in the shape of a track that is so gloriously '80s inspired, it wouldn't be too out of place next to Club Tropicana. Its '80s disco feel seems to move the album away from the beach and into the hot summer nights, a feeling that is only heightened by a lustful saxophone part.

There is a large amount of nostalgia running through the album, as it repeatedly harks back to the guitar bands of the '80s and '90s and it can at times feel as though the band are much more interested in trying to be like the groups they grew up loving. However, with tracks with such thundering energy found on 'Always Masking' and 'Narrow Fingers', you almost forgive them for their nostalgia.

Beach Beach take you through their eclectic range of influences throughout the album, but also consistently add their own touch of infectious summery magic that will leaving you pining for a quick summer getaway. At their best, they are able to bring glossy, suntanned melodies to the table and pose them against darker lyricism, touching on uncertain futures and growing up in a world of cowards. It still feels a bit rough around the edges, but has moments where the sun really seeps through and illuminates these best features, but it seems that the band still have some development to go through.

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