Beach Fossils have done it again.

After last year's eponymous debut album out on Captured Tracks, Beach Fossils are back with another piece of ear-candy for the dream-pop aficionados; yummy like one of those organic choco-berry tarts those smiling people sell down in Borough Market (sweet but not too much - and only filled with love, not with preservatives) and carefree like a bike ride on a day-off at the beginning of Spring (no matter how many times it's happened to you in a lifetime, it always feels fresh and you'll never get bored of it).

Dreamier and smoother than their previous release, What A Pleasure reveals an even clearer appreciation of the British 80's indie scene, consolidating the legacy between the Brooklyn band and the UK music heritage. But the real stand-out treat of this 7-track sweetiepie is 'Out In The Way' - born from a collaboration with Wild Nothings's Jack Tatum, who adds some cinnamon to the recipe for an extra boost of delight.

Excusez-moi for the obvious pun but ooh-la-la Beach Fossils, What A Pleasure to have you back!