I don’t think there’s any other way to describe a Beach House gig, other than simply beautiful. The set was made from three pyramids which were lit up in colour according to the song being played, this coupled with the lights at the back replicating stars made for a wonderful atmosphere. It’s been a long time since I have been completely transfixed and engaged during a gig, so i welcomed this chance to stand appreciating good music, which may I say was done in a complete dream like state. Amazing. It doesn’t surprise me when I hear Beach House being compared to 'dream pop’; the haunting sound of the synth alongside the stunning vocals of Victoria Legrand creates an awe inspiring sound. When this 'awe inspiring sound' is amplified live, you can imagine how unforgettably brilliant it is. Her vocals resonated throughout the entire venue, at one point (as cliché as it sounds) I did muster a few goose bumps, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to the venues air conditioning. In addition, Alex Scally's backup vocals gave that little extra depth and the keyboard provided that much needed rhythm for the crowd to bop to. An inconceivable mix, not only was the music spot on, but I even loved the set up on stage, I don’t usually make a point of noticing the stage arrangements but I dug how the drummer was near the front, which was refreshing to see. It made the gig that bit more interesting, seeing all parts of the band involved with no one disappearing into the background. The set list of course included the singles 'Used To Be' and 'Norway'. They drew from all albums, especially their newest sound appearing in the album Teen Dream with the likes of ‘Zebra’ and ‘Silver Soul’ which was undoubtedly met with an enthused reception. They drifted from song to song with incredibly ease, stopping occasionally to chat with the crowd. Fluidity of the set was a definite strong point, it was a set to get completely lost in, wonderfully crafted from start to finish. The venue was a good size, playing to a sold out crowd of over 600 people, it seemed to suit Beach House down to the ground. Although it was a sold out gig, it was small enough to retain that all important intimacy between the crowd and band, which Beach House used to their advantage.