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Beach House are an American institution. This is their fifth album in 9 years, and in that time they've grown from much-hyped newcomers to an integral part of modern American music, with their distinctive sound being borrowed by sources such as Tame Impala and Wolf Alice in the last few months alone. However, in all that time they haven't shown any sign of paying attention to the outside world or current trends and that doesn't look like changing anytime soon.

Much like their previous output they take sounds and approaches that should come across as whimsical and shallow and turn them into something special. There's the odd bit of distorted guitar and even some rhythm dotted here and there but overall their stubbornness and their complete unwillingness to go in a new direction are encouraging - Beach House have always been about treading the line between comfortable and claustrophobic; they make music for kaleidoscopes - beautiful amazing pictures that only exist when you decide to look at them. There's no immediacy or urge for attention here - Beach House have always put out music for people to come to, to fall into, and not the other way round.

So it's a great album, but is it a great album. Well, no. It's not Teen Dream, where their ideas came to the perfect head and they produced something so in tune with the time while completely ignoring it that it was utterly perfect. There's no faulting the album - it's stunning and well worth your time and money, but it's not their masterpiece, their seminal album. But that's hardly a criticism - you wouldn't ignore Bryter Layter because it wasn't Pink Moon; you wouldn't ignore Homogenic because it wasn't Vespertine; you wouldn't ignore Age Of Adz because it wasn't Illinois. Saying this isn't a classic isn't a criticism so much as justifying why it's worth your time but not worth 10/10. If you're new to Beach House and want a place to start go for Teen Dream. If you want an amazing new album, one of the best released so far this year, go and buy Depression Cherry.

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