Label: Bella Union / Sub Pop Out: 25th January Website: Myspace Buy: Amazon This is a band I was certain I was going to dislike from the off. Having come to the Beach House party relatively late, I had them down as another one riding a wave of hype. By the time I had been made aware of what they had to offer, (Live at The Fleapit in London) the band were about to release their third album Teen Dream. At this point the internet was awash with celebrity endorsements for the band. Whether it's the likes of Julian Casablancas, MGMT or Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) there were indie hipsters lining up around the block (blog?) to give their stamp of approval to the Baltimore duo. This sort of thing generally riles me, induces rash and ill-informed judgements, however after being captivated by the haunting vocals on Grizzly Bear's 'Two Weeks' and subsequently finding out they had been laid down by none other than Beach House's Victoria Legrand I began to take a bit more note. I'm glad that I did as Beach House's Teen Dream is nothing short of sensational. From the off and the twangy guitar intro riff of 'Zebra' that's soon met by waves of Legrand's soothing vocals the tone for this record is set up really quite nicely. From here the listener is eased into fifty minutes or so of a perfectly fuzzy Beach House induced serenity. Teen Dream, as an album, works brilliantly. In an age where everything is increasingly geared towards the singles and individual download market, Beach House have produced an album that deserves to be listened to throughout from start to finish. Every track warrants a special mention, but in particular recent single 'Used To Be' builds to a quiet crescendo of noise that is capped with some heartbreaking and mezmerising vocals. Similarly, 'Norway' (available to listen to and download below) soars from the off and is simply captivating. With every spin of this record something new rears its head. Whether it's actually getting the gist of the heartbreaking/bizarre/haunting lyrics, just getting lost in the full sound of the record, or hearing something new going on in the background, this record has something for everyone. Watch the video for 'Silver Soul' here: Whilst messrs Casablancas and Droste got in there early to give Beach House and Teen Dream their seal of approval, they certainly will not be the last to do so this year. In a similar fashion to what fellow Baltimorians Animal Collective did in 2009 with Merriweather Post Pavillion, Beach House have released a record in January that is (almost) certain to be in everyone's top 10 lists come December. You heard it here first - unless you are in MGMT, The Strokes or Gizzly Bear or just on planet earth that is. 8.5/10 Track To Download: 'Used To Be', 'Norway' Track To Skip: '10 Mile Stereo' Listen: Beach House: Norway File with:: Grixxly Bear, Bat For Lashes, Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500,