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Beach Slang is nothing if not sincere. From the release of their initial EP in 2014, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?, it has been impossible to deny that fact. The band's ceaseless earnestness and desire to bring comfort to the disaffected is not some shtick, it is a mission. With their debut LP, The Things We Do To Find People Who Like Us, the Philadelphia-based quartet have taken their message to the masses with their hearts on their sleeves.

Beach Slang are one of the latest in an incredible crop of musicians to emerge out of the Philadelphia music scene, with Modern Baseball, Radiator Hospital, Alex G and many more able to be counted among their compatriots. However, Beach Slang has arguably made the most rapid rise from this community, with their two EPs in 2014 earning them a spot on Polyvinyl's roster for their debut LP. One listen to this record makes it clear that this distinction was not unearned.

Fronted by the middle-aged James Alex, Beach Slang straddles an odd line in which they can dole out anecdotes and blasts of wisdom that one might expect from an elder, all the while remaining relatable to their audience, who are often half the age of the lead vocalist. Through the camaraderie and understanding fostered in the lyrics, it is not hard to picture these guys being the wise neighbors down the road who sit on the porch doling out fascinating tidbits from their immense fount of knowledge about life.

"It's a dead-end town for trash like us," Alex sings on the album's lid-blowing first track, 'Throwaways.' This feeling of being an outcast or misfit in the eyes of the world is prominent throughout, as are lyrics pertaining to indecision. "Too fucked up to love/ But too soft to hate," Alex screams on 'Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas' before later using a beautiful wordless vocal melody as a springboard to screech that "The gutter's too tough/ The stars are too safe."

The influences are abundant, with The Replacements and Jawbreaker being among the most referenced. But Alex and the superb instrumentalists of the group--drummer JP Flexner, bassist Ed McNulty and guitarist Ruben Gallego--shy away from ever becoming too derivative. Instead, one gets the sense that this band prefers to let their own hearts be the guide, which sounds cliché as all hell, but Beach Slang really seems to do it

The pensive pain expressed through the acoustic strums, cello and piano on 'Too Late To Die Young' is one of 2015's undisputed musical highlights. Paste Magazine suggested listening to the track in the dark with headphones on, likening it to a punk lullaby. A more accurate descriptor for this song could not be imagined, as the twinkling pianos and evocative strings make one feel as though the whole band is pulling you in for a group hug to let you know everything is going to be okay.

The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us is a record made for blaring and singing along to, preferably with your close friends on hand. It is an album with a vibrant, thumping heart that, while bruised and battered, keeps beating through it all. This is music made for people who have needed music to keep going. In a mission to bring comfort to the damaged, isolated or misunderstood of this world, a more resounding success could not be imagined.

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