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Innovative in both sound and concept, Beacon present their latest five-track EP entitled L1. An intriguing title - but what does it mean? Well, clearly, the dynamic duo hailing from Brooklyn looked to the stars for their inspiration (quite literally). Jacob Gossett and Thomas Mullarney III have focused their ethereal sound on an arrangement in space known as the Lagrange point - the two points are explained to be "gravitational bodies that transfix and pull anything that's caught in-between them." The tone of the EP is almost predetermined by the scientific and philosophical resonance in the title alone. The unique concept definitely plays a vital role in heightening the physical and metaphysical senses; a concept for which the boys are keen to explore and with that the listener does too.

Known for incorporating elements of R&B with well-constructed bass beats, Beacon's musical identity is murky, moody and at times quite piercing and powerful. The EP starts with 'Fault Lines', a metallic clattering of synths and an introduction to softer, airy vocals: a beautiful juxtaposition between the frantic and the calm continues throughout. The track slowly and surely builds getting coarser and fiercer with every punch of a key. It's infectious.

The title track is clunky and hard-hitting with isolated keys and synths similar to that of FKA Twigs' production. The more confident track 'Minor Sequence' begins with an ear to a seashell, an ocean-resembling swoon which rises as if the waves are crashing and pulling the grit away from the sea floor. The percussion kicks in and the beat gets dirtier and heavier. Like most tracks on L1, it reaches a swift climax.

Beacon's gloomy, synthetic sound mirrors that of downtempo artist How To Dress Well on his 2012 album Total Loss, another common ground being the idea of human relationships and internal conflicts. Singer and producer Mullarney describes how he "wanted to stage intimacy and desire as natural forces." These ideas are so intelligently manufactured that the record flows from track to track with fluidity and ease, barely finding a moment to pause and breathe.

Ending with the most uplifting moment on the record, 'Only Us' rounds the EP off with a gratifying nod. It can definitely be said that L1 has the ambience and charm that sits perfectly within the electronica world; a project of pure devotion to the craft.

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