Label: Animal Farm Records Release date: 05/07/10 Link: Myspace Bear Driver are doing pretty well given that they are essentially still finding their feet. In Spring 2009 their home-recorded EP ‘Paws & Claws’ was released to a great critical reception. Resultantly, the London/Leeds collective landed support slots with the likes of Everything Everything and Bombay Bicycle Club, and it seems as though things can only get better for the experimental pop ensemble. They are evidently a group full of variety, exuberance and ideas: with their DIY ethos and psychedelic-folk vibe, it is easy to see why they have drawn comparisons with Arcade Fire. That is not to say they are not without their own distinct sound, as the single clearly demonstrates. The fast paced A-side ‘Wolves’ is an instant crowd-pleaser; full of catchy refrains and infectious hooks tinged with floaty boy/girl harmonies, uplifting strings and twinkly keys that encapsulate the sound of a vibrant, animated summer. What made this record really worthwhile for me was the B-side, ‘Long Lost Giants’: a rumbling, surrealist jumble of intermittent mechanical wirings; out of sync melodies; plinking percussion; floating uke and haunting vocals. This sonorous amalgamation swirls and crescendos to create something atmospheric, lucid and intense. This is definitely the stronger of the two pieces; it is just more substantial, complex and a more rewarding listen. Photobucket