I'm sure you know the background to this album. Originally set to be released as Hot Sauce Committee Part One a couple of years ago, it was delayed after MCA was diagnosed with cancer. Beastie Boys wanted to stick to the release schedule so transferred all the tracks earmarked for Part One to Part Two, which was always intended for release about now. Make sense? Good.

The first thing that you notice when opener 'Make Some Noise' hits the vocal is that this is definitely a Beastie Boys record. The warped electronics may throw you off, but those voices are unmistakable. There isn't any voice-coder or attempt to sing here. They aren't trying to compete with the new generation. They're old school and proud. This is gruff. This is fun. This is Beastie Boys.

By the time you've reached 'Say It' at track five you have been transported right back to the party in 'Fight For Your Right' that the album's accompanying 30-minute short film pays tribute to. Then suddenly, after a quick intermission, the Boys through in a curveball. Suddenly we have Santigold popping up in the reggae tinged 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win'. Maybe this is there to show that they can still surprise and that we shouldn't assume we know what a Beastie Boys' album is all about. For me, much as I like Sanitgold, it doesn't fit. Stick it in as a bonus track or something maybe, but it disrupts the flow of the album and I could do without it.

The rest of the album continues the nods to the 80s and 90s with samples interlacing the lyrics. By the time we reach 'Tadlock's Glasses' we're in Hello Nasty territory and that's how we continue to the end of what is a great comeback from Beastie Boys during what must have been a difficult period.