Label: TV Records Release date: 21/02/11 Link: Official Site I can't think of many Latvian acts troubling the users of Hype Machine and right now, but Beat Milk Jugs have changed all that. They may have the Baltics as an origin, but now they've moved over to the UK the sound is very much that of Manchester and Bristol rather than Latvia (not that I pretend to know what a typical Latvian sound is). If these boys didn't grow up with posters of Bernard Sumner & Peter Hook on their wall I'd bet my bottom dollar that it was only because they weren't allowed pop posters by their parents. Cutting a trip hop sound throughout the nine tracks, 10 Years of Hangovers is close to being one of the most accurate descriptions of the music inside I have come across. I say "close to" because in my mind this time of the day is a few hours later. This is that time of day when the party is still in motion, but you don't need the killer tracks to get you going. This is the album for the time pre-comedown. This is to be played in the area just outside (and I hate this phrase) the chillout room. It isn't perfect, but there is enough here to show that this lot could live up to the hype. Not the sort of band that are going to go mainstream any time soon but the downtempo sound will find a place in the hearts of fans of Massive Attack and Lamb missing everything that was great about the mid to late nineties. Photobucket