The best new action fiction I’ve read this year. Very much Jack Reacher (Lee Child) meets ER. Josh Bazell carefully merges ER style medical drama with the story, which see's Peter Brown, an ex mafia hit man, take us through his teenage years, in flashbacks, to his present circumstances working in a busy Manhattan hospital. The novel starts with an attempted mugging in the park where Peter struggles between his instincts as a hit man and his training as a Doctor, and builds from there with both pace and fun. As the covers says ‘ A day that starts with the quick disarming of a would-be mugger, followed by the steamy elevator encounter with a young female pharmaceutical rep’ can’t be bad. I just wished that I’d kept it for my next holiday break. I’m now looking forward to his next novel and hoping that we get more novels built around his Peter Brown character. Don’t be surprised if this novel hits the big screen at some time in the future.