This modern day Mamas and Papas Glaswegian based band have stuck to their guns and created yet another number which can be added to their long list of pleasantly poppy and perfectly romantic tracks. Like any other of their songs, 'I Want The World To Stop' will most definitely make you want to grab your significant other by the hands and swing each other round in a flowery meadow, shaking yourself free from the manacles under the blistering summer sun.

However, says the pivotal conjunction, although the pleasant poppyness and romantic melodies induce a sense of warm compassionate nostalgia, it is also Belle and Sebastian's downfall, as you can pretty much bet your house, car, wife and cat on the fact that their latest track(s) are hardly going to be filled with heavy riffs, pyschadelic synths or screaming vocals. I'm not saying I would prefer those odd arrangements in their tracks, but I wouldn't mind a little diversity, and unfortunately 'I Want The World To Stop', although a decent track in its own right, hardly shares any difference from any other track since the band started out in '96.