I was sceptical about seeing Belle and Sebastian in such a big venue. My ticket, which I was lucky enough to get for free from someone who couldn't go because of the snow in Dublin, was for the upper balcony. Surely the intimate, personal kind of feeling you'd hope for from a Belle and Sebastian show couldn't possibly work in a fully seated venue that actually has an upper and a lower balcony? But it worked, most of the time at least. I managed to swap my ticket for one in the third row (someone else hadn't been able to go), which helped a huge amount, and when they played songs like ‘Fox In The Snow’ (yes of course they played that) and ‘Like Dylan In The Movies‘, the venue felt a lot smaller. On other songs I didn't feel the same intimacy, but I only really knew the older ones - luckily they played a lot of those, almost all of my favourites. Either way, it really was a great gig, with the band moving seamlessly between ethereally beautiful songs and more upbeat, fun songs. Lead singer Stuart Murdoch engaged with the crowd more than anyone I've seen outside of a punk gig, having a girl apply her mascara on him during one song and charging out into the crowd balancing on the backs of seats to pull four people who were dancing onto the stage during ‘Sukie In The Graveyard’ (he did this again later and the second group got medals. I thought that was kind of unfair). It would have been a little better if we were all standing, squeezed in together, but there's not much else to fault. It was a lovely concert, just like you'd hope for from Belle and Sebastian.