Website: Tiny Movements is the latest release from singer songwriter Ben TD. The musician has had a little fame in his native Australia, but Tiny Movements is his first internationally available album. It is the work of a promising young Singer-Songwriter, and although much of his work is of the traditional singer songwriter variety, there is also a lotto show that he has had his ears open to what has been happening in the music world generally. As well as themes of Love, the album also looks at the weather, at science, redemption, and the need to keep moving. Unusual song titles such as ‘Yes I am a Sky Scraper’s Window Cleaner’ or ‘Shoes too Small’ might indicate that this is a twee record, and yet it has a strength all of its own. The traditional heartfelt vocal and acoustic guitars mix with new technology on the more experimental ‘My Skylight’. Ben TD may only be young, but on the evidence of this release, he has a bright future ahead of him. Rating: 7/10