Benjamin Single is an Australian Electronic DJ/Producer who goes under the moniker of Beni (sometimes stylised as beNi) and the Aussie had previously been one half of Riot in Belgium with ex-Cut Copy and fellow man from down under Joel Dickson. House of Beni is released today through Modular Records and is his debut full-length release under this particular namesake. He has also previously made remixes for La Roux, as well as appeared on three Kitsuné Maison Compilation CDs, and describes himself as “a very curious motherfucker."

First impressions are always important and Modular describes the record by saying it “pushes the boundaries and in turn your buttons," which for a label famed for putting out bands that are doused in cool, is cringeworthy and corny start to proceedings. The other noticeable thing about this record, before you've even pressed play, is the sheer number of guest appearances, it's like looking at the track-listing of a Kanye West record. However, my cynicism was wrongly placed, as nearly all of these guests add another layer to their track, with 'Someone Just Like You', which features ex-The Rapture man Mattie Safer, sounding like something The Rapture would haven written during sessions for Pieces Of The People We Love, but with added electronics. As well, the beautiful voice of Via Tania gives an almost lullaby quality to album closer 'Zig Zags', and proves to be one of the high points of the album. However not all collaborations were meant to be, and it's the addition of Sam Sparro to not just one, but two tracks that provide the low points of the album, with 'Your Body' and 'High Off Your Love' not living up to the standards set by the other songs. Although I can see the commercial appeal of having the 'Black and Gold' singer lend his vocal talents to your work, as a creative decision it seems to be one that has failed to pay off.

There are some very good songs spread out neatly across the 40 minute span of House of Beni, and a few elements of experimentation with songs like 'O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E.', which takes on the kind of noises you expect to hear in a Mr Oizo song. It blows hot and cold and the temperature stays relatively warm throughout, but if it was your central heating you might think about turning the thermostat up a little and get the boiler to work a bit harder. It never really pushes the boundaries as Modular would have you believe, but it pushes enough buttons enough of the time to make House of Beni an overall enjoyable listen.