Label: 78 Records Release Date: Out Now Website: At first I Was Sound didn’t inspire my attention as much as other albums of genres have done in the past. Upon the first listen I found myself a little confused as to what to think, for a voice emerged from the wilderness of rhythmical keys that my ears felt slightly offended by. It wasn’t that I hated Golby’s voice, but I didn’t love it either. I was trapped in the middle ground of thinking ‘does this voice have that distinct difference within it to call itself great and hold itself next to the likes of Justin Vernon, Andy Hull and even Conor Oberst’ and thoughts of ‘what is this surreal drunken slur emanating from the speakers, this is not so good’. I have heard it described as a ‘slightly strange, nasal pseudo-Paul McCartney sound’ and I quite agree. But I just couldn’t decide on where my thoughts would land. After eight listens of this album I am still in the dark, but I can truthfully say that it is growing on me. After you stop trying to understand his vocals and start actually listening to the music you begin to realise that this is actually a very good album. His musical ability and skill in creating wonderful scenescapes using synth sounds and beautiful harmonies that leave you in wonderment at what you just heard, but giving a depth to the song that would leave it verging average to bland if left absent, really uplift the albums appeal. His vocals, then, just seem to fit. If you enjoy a composition of the slightly obscure juxtaposed with the melodically beautiful then this is an album to check out. If you are not a lover of voices that push the good/bad boundaries that may leave you somewhat perturbed, then try and avoid it. But all music lovers should agree that the music behind such bewilderment is worthy of a listen irrelevant of vocal misunderstanding. 5/10