Label: Audio Antihero Release date: 17/10/2010 Link: Another treasure in AudioAntihero’s pockets. After Nosferatu D2, the self proclaimed ‘Specialists in Commercial Suicide’ strike again with lo-fi folker Benjamin Shaw. Welcome to I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got, then. A perfect soundtrack to the Autumn, that bitchy season where a day sounds bright while it’s in fact depressing (the great ‘When I Fell Over The City’ sums it up). You can easily imagine Mr Shaw smiling bashfully while singing ‘Thanks For All The Biscuits’. But don’t get fooled by his apparent quietness: There’s something daintily brutal in these six tracks, either they’re surrounded by piano (’12,000 sentinels’), guitar (‘The Carpeteer’), or...noises (‘I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got’). The voice, sweet and crackled at times, makes the most of Ben’s tortured –or at least disillusioned-world. It’s sometimes similar to Cake Bake Betty (the use of claps and fuzzy sounds for instance) or, maybe more significant, Jack Hayter. To sum up, I Got The Pox… is brilliantly moving. Nothing less. Photobucket