Label: New West Records Link: Have you ever listened to someone with the constant "who the hell does this person sound like" expression on your face. Well I have and in the case of Benji Hughes I had that expression on my face for a whole double album's worth of time! I guess sometimes you need an outsiders opinion when it comes to matters like this. It's just painful when the person you're trying to locate is one of your heroes. Yes, he sounds like Beck. At points musically and also at points vocally. Just check out 'Why Do These Parties Always End The Same Way" for proof of that. He also seems to share the same sort of fun attitude Beck has, which happens to be one of his best qualities. But even with that said, I really won't go down the route of comparing this guy from North Carolina to the king of avant garde because it's not a fair fight. Moving away from Beck, A Love Extreme isn't bad at all. It's a nice mix of sleaze, fun, dirty beats, ballads, witty lyrics, more fun and the occasional good song. My major criticsm stems from Hughes' need to make his debut album a double disc affair. Why? In my opinion you have two routes to go down when it comes to creating a double album. Route A is that your album is based around a story. This would work because most stories aren't going to be exciting all the time, which works nicely with average to awful songs and would cater for more than the average length album, which is when the second disc comes into play. Or you can go down Route B, which is that you've written 20 great songs and you couldn't bear to split them up. Unfortunately for Hughes, he didn't choose either route and thus you're left with two discs of music which for the most part tend to sound quite patchy. If he had taken the best songs from both discs and put them on one album then I think this review would have been a hell of a lot different. But as it stands I'm left struggling to find those good songs in a sea of filler. Rating: 5.9/10