Underneath the arches of Brighton’s seafront promenade, Californian outfit Best Coast's lovelorn lo-fi racket crashes around Coalition like the blustery waves lapping frantically at the shore outside. The taut indie pop of their three-piece’s debut Crazy For You is somewhat scruffier live, and the band sound all the better for it. As shades of girl punkers Sleater-Kinney seep through the cracks in their surf pop sound, it’s impossible not to be reeled in.

The group’s bright and breezy efforts are simple enough, and that’s precisely their charm. Not a lyric goes by without an all-out jaunty sing-along breaking out, and the crowd are perpetually animated. Chief songwriter Bethany Cosentino possesses a sort of affable, riot-grrl-next-door charisma on stage, imparting droll gems of stage banter and lambasting a stage hand for “stabbing me in the tits” with a guitar.

Between songs such as 'I Miss You' and 'When I’m With You' it’s tempting to weigh up Cosentino’s bruised lyrics and wonder if she should channel some of her copious longing into something spikier – a bit of ire and wrath that show her punk leanings in plain sight. But it’s difficult to fret about these things swept up in the teenage euphoria of songs like Boyfriend and their ramshackle rendition of Blink 182's pop rock anthem 'Dammit', which whip up a veritable frenzy of dancing.

Returning for a summer festival jag later this year, Best Coast are a must-see.