Label:Transgressive Records Release date: 8 February 2010 Website: Best Coast on Myspace Something In The Way, the new EP by Best Coast, is pretty short (but sweet), putting back some of the spirit (and sound) of lo-fi, maybe showing that the genre is alive and kicking in the muddy airwaves. Although the predominant sound is lo-fi, in truth it's a little unclassifiable: it sounds like very distant surf pop being played in another building. Heck, 'Something in the way' (the single) sounds far away, like after you've got yourself wiped-out by a wave after you tried (badly) to do a hang ten. The band's been touring with the Vivian Girls and if that ain't a match made in heaven, then we might as well throw the dictionary out of the window. Fans of one should check out whatever the other are doing, and track number two, 'Wish he was you', it's a perfect meeting point for lovers of both band. The little introspection, the cheeky distortion and the wistful lyrics are all perfectly melded together. Alas, all good EPs must come to an end and the dirge-like 'The road' closes the album, again keeping that distinctive distorted, muddy sound that is plain old school lo-fi with a side serving of pop to change things a little. Not breaking any moulds there, but it's a sound sorely missed (oh, Sebadoh, where are you?) and this little three song EP is very well worth taking a gander at. Photobucket