I’ve liked Best Coast for a while. Listening to their bubblegum grunge-y shoegaze makes me feel like I’m in some sort of teenage movie in the hills of LA in the Sixties. And that’s why I was a bit scared of seeing them live at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch last Wednesday. You know, too many times these bedroom bands reveals to be pretty bad live these days. And it would be too bad if my musical ethics prevented me from liking them in case of a lame performance. I still need to get to an end of that teenage movie I’m directing, after all! Luckily, they are actually amazing. To be hones, I have enjoyed only really a few gigs at the Old Blue Last, but Best Coast is at the top of the chart right now! Live their much grittier, grunge, evoking a freshness á la Dazed and Confused (the movie, I mean). And now my teenage movie goes forward in time and it’s set in the Nineties between two young stoners lost in their cheeky but still naive love. (Apologies, I’m getting cheesy, but Betany Cosentino’s songs are all about boys, kisses and weed, I can’t help). The band is solely composed by drums, bass and guitar and there’s a great work of backing tracks to provide the noisy background and fizzy texture that characterize their tracks. It’s a band to be loved for the ‘easy breezy’ (quoted from their Myspace page) atmosphere they evoke and for the great way to translate it in a live show, pleasant both from an aural a visual perspective, rather than for the intrinsic musicianship. Their cover of Lesley Gore’s ‘That’s the Way Boys Are’ is simply great, they manage to transform this bubblegum oldie in a garage surf gem. I’ve never thought that The Shangri-Las could ever have anything to share with The Hole, but, in her song, Betany Cosentino proves she has managed to distil the essence of the two.